Premier Online Sales is operated and managed by MM Auction Services, LLC. MM Auction Services is a second-generation auction company offering quality and professional service since 2014 through online and traditional auctions. MM Auction Services, LLC is a full service auction company serving the entire United States. We are a full time, full service, family-owned business. We treat every auction with the highest level of quality, service, and professionalism. With over 30 years of auction knowledge, we know how important it is to treat both our sellers and buyers with integrity. We built our reputation on being honest, friendly, and hardworking. We provide all content available for our buyers so they can investigate each item in order to purchase what fits them best. We’re more than grateful for the ongoing support of our crew in helping make MM Auction Services what it is today.

Online bidding is offered to clients across the world primarily through live-simulcast and online auctions of valuable assets including horses, mules, furniture, and more. MM Auction Services hosts all their own auctions through Premier Online Sales as well as other entities auctions.


If you’ve been through the buying process, you know it can be exhausting but also rewarding. Auctions create a simple, fair, and a transparent process that offers you as the buyer many more benefits than buying outright on a personal level. We don’t only protect the buyers but the sellers as well. We want what’s best for everyone!

Our Mission

To connect buyers and sellers through a fair, competitive buying method to discover true market value for their assets.

We make this a reality through our experience, quality, teamwork, and talent to exceed customer and client expectations. This provides a proven sales method that offers transparency, timeliness, convenience, and maximum results for all parties.

Our Vision

To validate auctions as the preferred and most trusted sales method for all customers.

Bonded, Licensed, & Insured!

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